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©2008 Savannah College of Art & Design
Package Design

The Mojito Collection is a high-end bartending kit that contains all the necessary utensils required to make the mojito: a popular Cuban drink that consists of limes, mint and white rum. The products incorporated into the kit are a shaker, muddler, jigger, mint flavored sugar tin, two cocktail glasses, ice tongs, a cutting board and knife. To promote sustainability and reduce waste, the packaging for The Mojito Collection was designed with multiple second uses. The base of the package is not only equipped for safe transportation of the products but also functions as a counter-top display wrack, and the lid doubles as an ice bucket. The kit also comes with an informational booklet that offers a brief look at the drink’s origins, descriptions of the various bartending utensils and various mojito recipes.

Logo development & process:



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