Winner of a 2009 Student ADDY Award


This piece was designed to raise awareness on the difficulties faced by American foster children who so rarely find a loving, permanent home and are often repeatedly returned to the system, leaving them “sold short” of a stable upbringing. The mailer is intended to surprise it’s parent-aged recipients by taking the form of product packaging, complete with a user-manual for the commodified “Foster Katie.” The piece also provides a brief history of Katie’s time in foster care along with some powerful statistics about the continued displacement of the American foster child before calling on the reader to consider becoming a permanent parent to a child in need.

SoldShort_Artboard 7 copy 4

Foster Katie history and foster care statistics panel ended by the call to action

SoldShort_Artboard 7

Die-cut cover of the “Foster Katie” user manual

SoldShort_Artboard 7 copy


Product diagram


About this child


Medical history


Care & Maintenance

SoldShort_1_Artboard 19

Campaign logo

SoldShort_Artboard 18

Logo thumbnail sketches

SoldShort_Artboard 7 copy 2

Package design sketches