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PitchStarter in an internal company website that aims to support and encourage positive change and growth within a large-scale corporation where good ideas don’t always sift to the top. The site allows any employee to post a new idea, gather support and feedback for that idea, and then guides them through the process of formulating and presenting a final pitch to an appropriate audience. The newsfeed format, voting mechanism and interactive infographics of the site help the corporation to maintain a visible, healthy dialogue that fosters continued improvements to the company’s processes, culture and morale.

I art directed the branding, site design, layout and heavily influenced the interface strategy and functionality of the site as an integral part of a small development team.


PitchStarter_02_Artboard 67

Logo design


PitchStarter_02_Artboard 66

A sample of the site’s home page, featuring a news feed of ideas that are in various stages of the PitchStarter process.


PitchStarter_02_Artboard 63

An example of a New Idea detail page.


PitchStarter_02_Artboard 65

The Post an Idea four step process page.