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Graphics for Pixar’s Monsters University, released in June 2013.

(1) MU collegiate and athletic branding, identity and merchandise (2) MU gate featuring the university crest and Monsters University lettering (3) Greek life fraternity and sorority logo designs (4) Digital mockups for Greek apparel materials (5) Context still: Oozma Kappa (OK) fraternity brothers dressed in Greek logo apparel (6) Monsterified floral patterns from the OK fraternity living room set (7) Context still: OK fraternity living room (8) Refined Scare Technique book cover and an inside spread featuring a scare-pose technical diagram (9) Context still: Mike studying the Scare Technique book imitating the scare-pose diagram, which inspired the final animation for this shot

Monsters University Style Guide sample pages:

  • MU_StyleGuide-01
  • MU_StyleGuide-02
  • MU_StyleGuide-03
  • MU_StyleGuide_Artboard 46

University Crest logo variants:

MU_Crest2_Artboard 38 copy 2

MU_Crest2_Artboard 38 copy 4

MU_Crest2_Artboard 49