Booklet in transparent red acetate envelope

©2009 Savannah College of Art & Design
Social Awareness

This informational booklet was created to raise awareness about Celiac Disease, a prevalent digestive disorder that has gone widely undetected in Americans for decades and renders individuals intolerant to gluten. If undiagnosed, a person with Celiac Disease who continues to ingest gluten can unknowingly deprive their body of nutrients which can cause a host of other serious health problems, some of which can be fatal.

The objective of this campaign is to visually convey how commonly this disease goes undiagnosed, using transparent red acetate to initially hide the red elements printed in the book – surprising readers with a reveal of hidden type and graphics when they look beneath the resin sheets. The color-coordinated information graphics within the booklet allow readers to visualize what would otherwise be abstract statistics about this “invisible epidemic.”

CeliacDisease_02_Artboard 46

Removing booklet from acetate envelope reveals hidden type

CeliacDisease_02_Artboard 46 copy

Spread 1

CeliacDisease_02_Artboard 46 copy 2

Spread 2

CeliacDisease_02_Artboard 49

Spread 3


Accordion fold-out infographic

©2009 Savannah College of Art & Design
Social Awareness Direct Mail Campaign