I’ve always struggled to decide between my passion for art and my love of writing – until I found graphic design and realized I didn’t have to. Designers and writers are both a uniquely empathetic breed. We tend to be attentive listeners and observers, working hard to understand our given audience before beginning the creation process. Similar to my days as a journalist, being an effective designer isn’t so much about me, my ego or my sense of self-expression – it’s about what and how the work communicates. Over the years my education and varied experiences in writing, design and film have been invaluable in improving my capacity to relate, problem solve and make connections with an audience.

Being a designer helps me to satisfy my endless curiosity about the human condition. The job allows me to become a temporary expert in an endless variety of subjects – to be a perpetual student of the world classroom – and stimulate public dialogue and perceptions. A design I create can help a business thrive, catapult a product or company into the public eye, or support a compelling story that will resonate with a child for life. Every design I create has some larger social, cultural or political impact and has the power to change the way people interpret their world – which is a notion that keeps me both humbled and inspired every day.